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am I late to the party? xD

For bamfinacuddlyjumper! - 00Q survey
Name you’d like to be known by: Rum
How would you describe your involvement in the 00Q fandom? I have been a fanartist (who sometimes very rarely writes as well) since the month after Skyfall aired

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Hell yeah ballet!00q

Hell yeah ballet!00q

Hey there lovely people!
So I’ve been quite inactive here for the 00Q fandom, wich makes me immensely unhappy. I still draw 00Q, tho.

So, my last drawing for 00Q was 2 fucking months ago and that is u n a c c e p t a b l e. But being back in Florence means that I also won’t do digital art that much for various reasons (I don’t like drawing on laptop and I need to re-install the scanner, not to mention I need to clear some space to do a better work station, both for drawings and said laptop)

Would you guys like to see some sketches from me anyway? Or would you prefere that I’d wait untill I have something more solid?

Anonymous sent: hiya, your fics are lovely but just so you know British people (eg. Q) would call their mother "mum" rather than "mom", which is the American shortening. not a huge difference, but noticeable to some English speakers.

Hello there kind anon! :D Thanks for the tip, will try to remember it.


(I accidentally a short 00Q fic, here you are, hope you like <3)

The first time it happens, Ethan is 5 years old and stops right in the middle of the playground. There’s another boy, older by a couple of years, blond and with bright blue eyes. And yet the boy is also very much not there.

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I forgot I looooved this place =w=
Everything is going fine, there’s a new roommate arriving soon (another guy *siiigh*) and school starts in two days.

Back in Floooorenceeeee

Hey there people! Going back to Florence rn \( * v *\)

00Q - The Science of Bright Red Foam Assault Courses


The Science of Bright Red Foam Assault Courses (00Q/T) -

“This is quite frankly ridiculous,” James remarked, waving his empty glass towards the screen. On it, contestants were running across a complex range of padded contraptions, some of which looked quite frankly deathly even if they were…

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Name: Martina
Nickname: Rum, Martì
Birthday: 18 May
Gender: f
Sexuality: demisexual(????)
Height: I have no clue somwhere around 170cm I guess
Time Zone: CET
What time and date is it there: 17:50 24/09/2k14
Average hours of sleep I get each night: 5-7
The last thing I Googled was: “Don’t Starve Abigail”
My most used phrase(s): “Daje yoo”, “After 11pm correct use of languages is optional”
First word that comes to mind: Cat

What I last said to a family member: “I need to tell you a very important thing… *dramatic silence* …MEOW”

One place that makes me happy and why?: anywhere my laptop/pc is and anywhere I can draw.
How many blankets I sleep under: in winter 2, in summer 1
Favorite beverage(s): Estathè
The last movie I watched in the cinema: The Fault In Our Stars
Three things I can’t live without: Drawing, cats, internet
Something I plan on learning: Sign Language/Braille/Morse, drawing better… cooking…
A piece of advice for all my followers: The sun is always out.
You all have to listen to this song: Spinning Song by DATEKEN (Eng | Original Jap)
My blog(s): Rum Is For Drinking | fragmentartis